We would like to introduce to you the recently founded Scintomics subsidiary att (SCINTOMICS MOLECULAR – APPLIED THERANOSTICS TECHNOLOGIES GmbH) specialized to supply and support the Nuclear Medicine community with peptides, intermediates and consumables for the production of innovative radiopharmaceuticals.

As a worldwide operating subsidiary of Scintomics, att continues and expands ScintomicsĀ“ radiopharmaceutical business segment in an independent manner with a particular strategic emphasis on providing unrestricted supply and support of Scintomicsā€˜ proprietary and innovative tracer technology and non-IP protected PET and SPECT precursors.

Since 2006, Scintomics story has always been about innovation, with the mission to increase simplicity and effectiveness in the production of innovative radiopharmaceuticals and to offer new precursors and products to the PET and SPECT community.

att is specialized to supply and support you with GMP peptides, intermediates and consumables dedicated to the concept of theranostics.