The Twin Principle of Theranostics – Innovative Peptides for Radiopharmaceuticals

att is specialized to supply and support the community with peptides, intermediates and consumables dedicated to the concept of theranostics.

att is a recently founded subsidiary of Scintomics and continues and expands Scintomics´ radiopharmaceutical business segment in an independent manner with a particular strategic emphasis on providing unrestricted supply and support of Scintomics´ proprietary and innovative tracer technology and non-IP protected precursors.

att offers a broad range of innovative targeted agents for cancer imaging and therapy:

  1. Groundbreaking F-18 and Lu-177-radiohybrid tracers with excellent in vivo characteristics and unrivalled labeling properties and yields

  2. unique CXCR4 PET-ligand Ga-68-Pentixafor, the therapeutic CXCR4-ligand Pentixather, the newest generation of CXCR4 ligands with high affinity to human and murine CXCR4

  3. PSMA-I&T, improved PSMA I&T-successors, PSMA I&S for 99mTc-SPECT imaging and intraoperative guidance


att and Scintomics continues to further expand the pipeline of innovative products for theranostic applications.

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